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LOGISTICS GPS-K :Our solution for fleet management, routing and customer visits

How can we help in the administration of your fleet?

The demands of a globalized and increasingly aggressive competition force companies to be very efficient and, therefore, to manage all their resources in the best manner and at the lowest possible cost. Poor management of the vehicle fleet has greater fuel and maintenance costs, and also causes a deterioration in their delivery times and their customer relationship.

Current challenges in managing fleets are becoming larger and more complex. Companies face excessive costs due to:

  • Delivery delays
  • Fuel Scams
  • The use of unauthorized routes
  • Using transport for other purposes not approved by the company
  • Increasing operating costs (maintenance and fuel)
  • Loss originated by vehicle and/ its load theft.

GPS-K LOGISTICS Our system allows you to  manage, control and locate your entire automotive fleet in real-time from the comfort of your office, under a robust, easy to use and using geo-referenced maps of high accuracy that can be customized by adding the location of its customers.

LOGISTICS GPS-K tool generates reports that can be used by the Operations Department in order to make better decisions in relation to the movement and behavior of their fleet force and their respective vehicle routes. You will be able to:

  •  Identify on a digital map where your fleet is on a real time basis.
  •  Identify the route taken by a vehicle either today or on a particular date
  • Know the distance traveled, the average speed and fuel consumption
  • Identify on a digital and private use map, the customers location around the country.
  • To provide real-time tracking of the route taken by a vehicle.
  • Control of visits to a client and how long they lasted. 
  • Access to satellite photos of the sites where a vehicle is located or of the route it has followed.
  • Each vehicle under our system has a panic button that could be used in emergencies.
  • To establish geofences to prevent vehicles from getting out of the pre-established routes.
  • 35% discount on insurance coverage for vehicle theft.


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